July - September 2017:

Total Children Served: 67                          Assigned CASAs: 25

Total New Children:  11                               #CASA Hours: 548

# of children needing an advocate:  35        Total CASA Miles: 2,612


CASA is the only national organization of volunteer advocates who have been trained to speak as independent voices in court for children's best interests. The U.S. Department of Justice has recognized CASA as a model program and views it as a "safety net for abused and neglected children."


How we served FY2017:

Children Served: 93                            Volunteers Advocates: 30

Miles traveled in Advocacy: 15,218     Volunteer Board Members: 5

Hours donated to Advocacy: 2,522

Demographics of Children Served:

Gender:  Females: 52                            Males: 41

Ethnic Origin:  African-American: 32
                          Caucasian: 58
                          Hispanic/Latino: 3

Type of Case:   Neglect: 22
                           Physical Abuse: 5
                           Sexual Abuse: 4
                           Substance Abuse: 38
                           Domestic Violence: 3
                           Mental Illness of parent: 5
                           Medical Neglect: 2
                           Inability to Cope (parent): 1
                           Inadequate housing: 4
                           Incarcerated parent: 3
                           Other: 6

Children in Closed Cases: 36

Case Outcome: Emancipated: 1
                             Reunification: 23
                             Adopted: 6
                             Guardianship:  3
                             Long term Foster care: 3

  • We are affiliated with and supported by GA CASA.

  • We are members of the National CASA Association

  • We are supported by PSSF

  • Supported by GA Department of Human Services